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LOS ANGELES, June 1 – LAWFUEL – Press Release Service – Imhoff & Associates, PC, a criminal law firm serving clients within the United States from coast-to-coast, is one of the largest criminal law firms in the nation. In a society where the innocent accused are deemed guilty upon arrest, Imhoff & Associates, PC’s fundamentals exists within the realm of truly ethical legal workings.

“Many times, people that have been charged with a crime are treated like second-class citizens,” states Attorney Vince Imhoff, Managing Partner of the firm.

“Imhoff & Associates, PC specializes in innovative legal service defense strategies, and treating criminal defendants with both dignity and respect,” Imhoff continues.

Mr. Imhoff brings his passions of quality criminal defense and respectful treatment of all people, to his firm. Professionally and successfully serving clients throughout the country, Imhoff’s vision of excellent legal representation embodies all firm philosophies and daily business actions.

Ensuring that all clients receive zealous legal counsel, Imhoff & Associates focuses on helping individuals regain their dignity and respect.

Wanting to expand the scope of fair and quality criminal legal service around the country, Imhoff’s vision of expert legal commitment is a law firm that embodies the principles of solid defense strategies.

“At the core of Imhoff & Associates is an outstanding team of professionals who work diligently, creatively and compassionately each day. [Our] team members are recruited for their skillful, charismatic and zealous defense strategies and vision, fostering customer service,” Imhoff enthusiastically expresses when questioned about firm structure.

Though, what makes Imhoff’s firm different from the other law firm’s out there? Apparently, legal service that is attainable around the clock, with firm members assessable 24/7.

“Offering an unparalleled level of client service that distinguishes our attorneys from all others, our attorneys return telephone calls within 2 hours — to both clients and to fellow team members,” says Attorney Imhoff.

He continues: “When a client is unable to reach their attorney, the Case Manager assigned to the administrative logistics of that specific case can situate the client with whatever he or she may need. When the representation is concluded, clients are confident that we have done everything possible to help them.”

Imhoff & Associates is committed to upholding the standards of excellence set by its founding partner. The attorneys and staff remain committed to the same standards of excellence in representing clients. Imhoff & Associates is a law firm that provides quality service to all of its clients.

Attorney Imhoff is excited about his firm’s future saying, “that is [our] firm hallmark; an unwavering commitment to high quality legal services and unmatched client service.”

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