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LOS ANGELES–LAWFUEL – US Legal News, Law Jobs –Attorney Frank S. Capwell, of the Law Offices of Ronald Jason Palmieri, announced today that his clients, Marina and Yana Kovalevsky, had met with the FBI and an official from the Los Angeles County Public Health Department on Thursday, March 8, 2007. “They basically confirmed what the FBI had already heard, and no cloak and dagger tales of intrigue came to light,” he said.

“My clients confirmed that while they were on vacation to attend a wedding in Russia, they suddenly came down with symptoms that required hospitalization,” Capwell recounted. Capwell also revealed that they also told the FBI that the only meals they shared were a buffet breakfast at a Marriott hotel, which raises questions as to whether this was some form of accidental cross-contamination and, if so, why others were not reported as becoming ill.

“Neither Marina nor Yana believe they were targets of any attempt to kill them,” Capwell said. According to their counsel, “Nothing unusual occurred during their trip leading up to the time the symptoms manifested to suggest any intentional foul play, but the investigation will continue.”

Ronald Jason Palmieri, senior counsel of the firm, stated: “Whether we seek to pursue our clients’ civil remedies is still under discussion. Obviously, Marina and Yana have had a frightening and life threatening experience and they should be compensated as the law permits.”

Marina and Yana Kovalevsky have asked that their privacy be respected during this difficult time and that all requests for information be directed to their counsel.

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