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LOS ANGELES– LAWFUEL -US Patent Law, US Law Jobs –Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. (NASDAQ: GMST) announced today that it filed a patent infringement case in Federal Court in the Central District of California alleging that Digeo Inc.’s Moxi interactive program guide infringes certain of Gemstar-TV Guide’s interactive program guide patents. Gemstar-TV Guide’s complaint asserts that Digeo has engaged in and continues to engage in willful infringement of Gemstar-TV Guide’s patents through its Moxi guide, and that Charter Communications, by deploying unlicensed Moxi guides, is also liable. This lawsuit was filed after failed patent licensing discussions between Gemstar-TV Guide and Digeo, and after Digeo filed antitrust litigation against Gemstar-TV Guide. Gemstar-TV Guide believes that Digeo’s claims in that antitrust lawsuit are without merit.

Stephen H. Kay, Gemstar-TV Guide’s executive vice president and general counsel commented, “We have attempted over an extended period of time to engage in patent licensing discussions with Digeo regarding the Moxi guide. Digeo’s refusal to negotiate a patent license with us, and its decision to file suit against us, left us no option except to pursue legal remedies to protect the value of our intellectual property.”

About Gemstar-TV Guide

Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. (the “Company”) (NASDAQ: GMST) is a leading media, entertainment and technology company that develops, licenses, markets and distributes technologies, products and services targeted at the television guidance and entertainment needs of consumers worldwide. The Company’s businesses include: television media and publishing properties; interactive program guide services and products; and technology and intellectual property licensing. Additional information about the Company can be found at www.gemstartvguide.com.

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