Love Triangle Adds To Xue Fugitive Mystery In Pumpkin Case

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – Qiu Yan Xu, who Xue appeared to have a relationship with during a six-month stay in Los Angeles in 2000, is being sought by police as she could be prepared to hide him, The New Zealand Herald reported.

The relationship is detailed in a book Xue wrote, Inner Strength Kung Fu Shocks US. They met as flatmates in Los Angeles, where Xue had arrived to teach tai chi. Ms Xu was a hairdressing instructor from China who was in the country on a business visa.

The relationship ended when Xue departed the city for travel reasons.

Detective Inspector David Pearson did not confirm Ms Xu was a target of the inquiry team but did say “any associate of Xue’s is an important part of this inquiry”.

Ms Xu was a possible contact as most who knew Xue from his time in Los Angeles did not want anything to do with him due to his divisive personality, the newspaper said.

Police have a warrant for the arrest of Xue, whose wife Anan Liu was found dead in a car boot outside their home in Mt Roskill, Auckland.

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