Luce Forward Partner Certified as Franchise and Distribution Law Specialist; Appointed to Board’s Advisory Commission – 28 August, 2009 – SAN FRANCISCO – Jeffrey L. Fillerup, partner at Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP, has been certified as a Franchise and Distribution Law Specialist with the California Board of Legal Specialization of the California State Bar. He is one of seventeen attorneys who hold this certification. Fillerup has also been appointed to serve on the Board’s prestigious Advisory Commission for a three-year term.

Fillerup satisfied the Board’s rigorous standards in order to obtain certification, including demonstrating a high level of experience in that field, completing ongoing education requirements and being favorably evaluated by other attorneys familiar with his work. Specialists in California are certified either by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, or an organization whose certification program has been accredited by the State Bar. While the Board does not distinguish between franchise transactional and franchise litigation specialists, Fillerup is one of the few certified franchise specialists whose practice is exclusively devoted to handling franchise litigation and arbitration.

In addition to joining the ranks of California’s franchise specialists, Fillerup was most recently appointed to the State Bar’s Franchise and Distribution Law Advisory Commission, on which he’ll serve from September 2009 until 2012. In this role, Fillerup will advise and assist the California Board of Legal Specialization in the administration of the certification program for the Franchise and Distribution law area. Each advisory commission is composed of nine members.

“We are tremendously proud of Jeff for obtaining this certification,” said Kurt L. Kicklighter, Luce Forward’s Managing Partner. “His recognition as one among a few who have this specialization is verification of his true expertise in the franchise and distribution industry.”

Fillerup has been a business litigator for more than 25 years, focusing on litigating franchise/distribution and intellectual property matters in state and federal court, bankruptcy court, and arbitration.

Founded in 1873, Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP is a full-service California law firm with offices in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Carmel Valley/Del Mar, Orange County, and Rancho Santa Fe. For more information, visit

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