Man Arrested in King County Festival Shooting

In Seattle and King County criminal related news, Clinton Chad Grainger age 22 that was arrested after being involved in a fight at the Folklife Festival and was carrying a gun that was strapped to his ankle has plead guilty to the class C felony he is charged with.
Grainger according to the King County deputy prosecutor Ian Goodhew was at the festival and hand a gun strapped to his ankle when he became involved in a fight. The person he was fighting with noticed the gun and tried to take control of it, this is when the gun discharged hitting two nearby people and injuring them.
Grainger has been confined since the shooting took place May 24 could be sentenced from three to eight months. Goodhew stated that Grainger will qualify for a first-time offender waiver, which means he would spend no more time in jail. He could be sentenced with up to two years community supervision which is a light sentence for this kind of criminal activity. he must have a pretty good attorney.
The investigation did not show that Grainger had intentionally assaulted the two bystanders, but prosecutors believe that bringing a gun to the festival and then being involved in a fight does amount to criminal negligence.
Granger was originally charged with second degree assault which was lessoned because the Kings County Prosecutor’s Office would not have been able to show that Grainger intended to do harm to the two victims that were shot. This could have resulted in a sentence up to 45 months.
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