– Wellington Dietician Carole Gibb Offers Tips … – Wellington Dietician Carole Gibb Offers Tips on Maintaining Lifestyle And Optimising Good Health

MatchCompany Seminar Series For Singles introduced dietician Carole Gibb on 29 August, with her presentation on how to eat healthy food in a fast-food, high-pressure world.

The series, run from Wellington St Johns Bar by Wellington introductions agency, discussed the importance of maintaining a balanced diet for optimum lifestyle.

Carole Gibb former Executive Director of the New Zealand Diatetic Association and now Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

She spoke about key nutrients and foods that we should be consuming and how to create tasty, nutritious meals easily.

She talked about the importance of key nutrients, juices and other foods that should be on the list of busy people looking for satisfactory food and healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

The singles seminars run each Wednesday evening at the St Johns Bar, Wellington until 12 September. This week’s seminar, “Hot Dating Tips”, is presented by Matchcompany owner and ‘Good Morning’ guest Rosie Bowie.

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