May 23, 2004 – London – LAWFUEL – has become the f…

May 23, 2004 – London – LAWFUEL – has become the first legal services firm in the UK to advertise on London taxis.

A fleet of black cabs have had adverts painted on their sides and will be seen on the streets of the Capital from the end of the week.

The adverts, created by design consultancy Spider and reproduced on the taxis by KBH, are designed to boost’s profile among London businesses. supplies a wide range of commercial documentation that is downloadable from its internet site at a fraction of the cost of comparable contracts obtained from lawyers.

Giles Dixon, Managing Director of, said: “A lot of legal advertising is a bit ‘old hat’ and rather staid. We wanted something different that would reflect the nature of our business. Our target customers – individuals from companies that need easy access to reasonably-priced business contracts – use black cabs all the time, so we felt that advertising on them would be an ideal platform for getting our message over.”

The adverts feature the logo with the line ‘seal the deal with online contracts from’.

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