MCK2812 High Voltage Servomotor Driver Evaluation Board

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded ( has released its high voltage servomotor driver evaluation board intended for use as a packing mechanism, USP, variable frequency controller, electrical controller and a high performance DMC system. When operating along with GAO’s EVM2812 Board, it can directly connect with one or two DC brush/brushless servomotors, AC asynchronous motors, AC permanent-magnet synchronous servomotors or stepper motors to constitute an all digital servo motion control system. Based on Texas Instruments’ TMS320F2812 DSP, the driver evaluation board is part of a reliable and fast servomotor driver solution, which contains three parts: an EVM2812 board (DSP part), an HVD (driver part) and an IB2812 (interface part).
This high voltage servomotor driver evaluation board, model MCK2812, uses an 80V to 260V AC/DC power supply that offers a maximum peak value current of 15A, an output power of up to 2kW and alternative driver module with output power up to 5kW. It offers an on-board 60W rebooting power switch to supply large current for a safe system and on-board filter to minimize EMI interference based on the FCC-15 standard. The servo motor driver evaluation board also features an IPM module for over-voltage, over-current, over-heating and under-voltage protection; an input interface for Hall sensor signal and incremental photoelectric encoder signal and a feedback interface for current/velocity/position feedback loop. It has a high speed optocoupler for electrical isolation and provides 8 channels of isolated output. The evaluation board also provides a PWM frequency of up to 40kHz and a non-inductive absorbing capacitor to eliminate surges and spikes caused by DV/DT effectively protecting IPM.
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