Mexico City, MX, September 1, 2005 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – …

Mexico City, MX, September 1, 2005 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Baker & McKenzie Abogados, S.C. ranked sixth in the “Top 20: Workplaces for Women” in Mexico by Mujer Ejecutiva. The Firm also ranked fifth in the magazine’s survey in “Income of Female Executives” and 10th in “Total Number of Working Female Executives.”

According to Mujer Ejecutiva, the top 20 organizations “do not share any reasons for discrimination, and the climate prevailing in such companies is one of equal opportunities. All of them are result-oriented, and the fact that such results come from a man or a woman is irrelevant to them…and are in favor of an inclusive policy.”

The Firm joins other renowned Mexican companies in all sectors, including, food and beverage, financial, chemical, pharmaceuticals, services, and technology firms.

Baker & McKenzie Abogados, S.C. established the “Productive Permanence Policy Program for Female Lawyers” in Mexico that promotes the long-term professional development and permanence within the Firm in an environment that allows them to continue to productively practice their profession during pregnancy, maternity and other special circumstances, in a participative and responsible manner.

The program provides a maternity scheme that additionally includes alternative options to take leaves of absence or to reduce the workload when women want to carry out other activities such as graduate studies and family projects.

“The productivity plans that the Firm established has helped me attain a balance- as mother, attorney, and wife,” said Danaé Liñán Mendoza, associate in the Monterrey Office and currently enrolled in the program.

Commenting on the recognition, Andres Ochoa-Bünsow, Chairman of Baker & McKenzie’s Latin American Regional Council and a Member of the Executive Committee, said, “We are proud to be one of the best companies for women to work in all of Mexico. Our high ranking is linked to our adoption of the Productive Permanence Policy for Female Lawyers over three years ago, and our resulting success in effectively retaining and developing our women attorneys and staff members.

“Promoting a high quality of life for women, and all of our lawyers and staff, is taken very seriously not only in Mexico, but across the entire Firm,” he said.

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