MIAMI, May 30, 2005 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Stephanie Ann…

MIAMI, May 30, 2005 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Stephanie Anne Lipinski Galland, of counsel with the Miami-based international law firm of Steel Hector & Davis LLP, has been named Chair for the State and Local Tax (SALT) Committee of the American Bar Association (ABA). As chair, Lipinski Galland will work with the committee to develop “best practices” on all substantive state and local tax areas, including: corporate income and franchise, gross receipts, personal income, sales and use, property, environmental, and excise taxes.

The SALT committee’s unique insight on issues related to
state and local taxes is of increasing importance to
businesses across America since state and local taxes have become an important component of a business’ tax burden.

“In most corporations, state and local taxes are now a
larger cost than federal taxes. The administrative costs of compliance with state and local taxes are more than 50% of a multi-state corporation’s tax department costs,” says Lipinski Galland. “Foreign corporations that do business in the U.S. are not prepared to deal with the over 8,000 taxing jurisdictions on the state and local level. The new initiatives by the states to track down tax shelters will present corporations with multiple compliance tracking.”

Lipinski Galland’s primary focus while serving as chair of
SALT will be on the Business Activity Taxes (BAT)
legislation in Congress, the CUNO decision’s impact on the federal legislation and tax shelters, among other issues within the state and local tax structures.

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