Miami Personal Injury Attorneys Have

7 July 2012 – LawFuel personal injury newswire service – Miami personal injury lawyers Downs Law Group have been handling various personal injury claims for over 20 years. The firm is currently handling tbe $2 million personal injury and wrongful death claim on behalf of a 10 year old girl who sustained disfigurement following an auto accident.

The Downs Law Group have already settled with one defendant for $2 million and continue their claim for their client against three other defendants.

Downs Law Group was founded in 1990 and serves Miami, Palm Beach and Broward County, providing a personalized legal service and providing services covering all forms of personal injury work from auto accidents, workers compensatin claims, wrongful death, medical malpractice and others.

The firm also recently settled a semi truck and bus accident for a little less that $1 million, following a negligent bus driver who caused an accident with a semi truck that trapped injured occupants for 30 minutes, delaying medical treatment, personal injury attorneys at our firm secured a settlement in negotiations with the bus company.

You can check the Downs Law Group for more information relating to Miami personal injury attorney reports.

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