Mind Drivers Re-acquires Internetseer,the World’s Largest Web Monitoring Company

Acquisition takes place 17 months after the sale of the business by Mind Drivers to Landmark

Thornton, Pennsylvania — (January 6, 2009 – LAWFUEL) – Mind Drivers, LLC has re-acquired the business of Internetseer (www.internetseer.com), the largest provider of website monitoring and marketing services to more than 1 million small businesses. Mind Drivers acquired the business from Landmark Media Enterprises, LLC. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“We are extremely fortunate to be able to once again own Internetseer,” said Michael Dever, CEO, “This is a great business that provides website peace of mind to more than one million small businesses.” Internetseer provides remote website monitoring services through both its Internetseer and AtWatch brands (www.AtWatch.com), and web-focused marketing services through its EnterURL brand (www.EnterURL.com).

The acquisition brings Internetseer back home. Mind Drivers founded the company in 2000.

Mr. Dever continued “We are excited to be back in the driver’s seat. In today’s business environment there are great opportunities to grow the Internetseer subscriber base and to partner with businesses looking to retain and connect better with their customers.”

Internetseer partners with leading brands that offer Internetseer’s monitoring service to their small business clients. For example, a domain name registrar or credit card company can provide their small business customers with the opportunity to have their website monitored remotely by Internetseer. Internetseer then provides those small businesses with alerts when the performance of their website deteriorates.

This perk serves as a loyalty program for the registrar or credit card company, who remain connected with those customers through weekly reports summarizing their website’s performance.

Internetseer also provides its more than one million small business subscribers with additional services to assist them in growing and managing their businesses online. These include search engine submission, traffic analysis, email campaign management, competitive market intelligence and hosting.

The acquisition is immediately accretive to Mind Drivers.

About Mind Drivers

Mind Drivers (www.MindDrivers.com) was founded in 2000 to create and develop web-based businesses focused on community, ecommerce and social networking. In addition to Internetseer, Mind Drivers currently operates a boating-oriented ecommerce community consisting of www.marine.com, www.sailnet.com and www.speedwake.com; and www.YouChoose.net, a community of more than one-half million people who join with others to take action on issues about which they are passionate.

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