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MONAHANS, Texas, May 8 LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire — The Lanier Law Firm is announcing a $6.5 million verdict handed down in favor of a permanently injured oil filed worker after jurors found that negligence on the part of two companies caused the man’s injuries.

Attorney Judson A. Waltman of The Lanier Law Firm represented plaintiff George Coley along with co-lead counsel Chris Carver of Lubbock, Texas-based Gibson Carver, L.L.P.

Mr. Coley, 51, was severely injured on Dec. 31, 2003, when he was struck by an 800-pound casing pipe that had fallen from 30 feet above. The impact crushed his left elbow and caused multiple fractures in his left arm. Doctors say Mr. Coley will have limited use of the arm for the rest of his life.

Witnesses testified during trial that the pipe came loose from a nubbin that was being used to lift the pipe before striking Mr. Coley, a subcontractor employed by Lewis Casing Crews of Odessa, Texas.

In the lawsuit against Big Dog Drilling and Endeavor Energy Resources, Mr. Coley’s attorneys said that managers with the two Midland, Texas, companies ignored Mr. Coley’s concerns about the condition of the nubbin and told him to go back to work.

“This jury sent a clear message that worker safety comes first,” says Mr. Waltman of The Lanier Law Firm. “The first response from the drilling company was to get the drilling operation restarted before caring for Mr. Coley’s injuries. That kind of attitude is unacceptable in any work environment, and the jury felt compelled to react accordingly.”

The verdict was reached on May 1 before state district judge Jay Gibson in Wood County. The award includes $1.58 million in actual damages and $4.92 million in punitive damages. Jurors assessed $420,000 in punitive damages against Big Dog Drilling and $4.5 million against Endeavor Energy.

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