Monday 24 July 2006 – Australian consumers seeking more bang for the…

Monday 24 July 2006 – Australian consumers seeking more bang for their buck are encouraged to go online and tune in to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) new six-part radio series, Your Money.

Scheduled to go to air on community and local radio stations across Australia from this month, the series features on ASIC’s consumer website, FIDO, and can be downloaded as an audio file. ‘Your Money is designed to help people manage their finances and builds on ASIC’s range of tools aimed at educating consumers about financial issues and their rights and responsibilities’, said ASIC’s Executive Director of Consumer Protection, Mr Greg Tanzer.

‘We’re delighted that radio stations are helping protect consumers from everyday financial traps and scams and giving them skills to take control of their financial future. ‘Consumers are often dazzled by offers of high returns from supposedly secure investments. It’s important that we provide accurate and accessible information to help consumers make informed decisions about their money. This radio series is an innovative way of helping with those decisions’, said Mr Tanzer.

Your Money will broadcast the voices and stories of everyday Australians and will feature a range of experts, including financial counsellors and consumer advocates.

Topics covered in the series include: • budgeting and simple savings tips; • managing bank accounts, loans and credit cards; • getting more from superannuation; • understanding insurance; • starting to invest, including understanding risk and avoiding financial scams; and • planning for retirement, including retirement income streams and reverse mortgages. Mr Tanzer said that while the recent sustained period of economic growth meant an increasing number of Australians have money to invest, finding the right investment amongst a bewildering array of investment products required careful thought.

‘These programs will give more Australian consumers a better idea of what they need to know when making important financial decisions and where they can go to get independent, unbiased information’, Mr Tanzer said.

Visit FIDO, ASIC’s website for consumers and investors for financial tips

Consumers can listen to the complete Your Money series online on ASIC’s FIDO website at A copy of the accompanying booklet, Your Money, is also available via FIDO or by calling ASIC’s Infoline on 1300 300 630. For a list of participating radio stations, visit

For further information contact: Greg Tanzer Executive Director, Consumer Protection Telephone: 07 3867 4704 Mobile: 0411 549 144 Emma Forehan ASIC Media Unit Telephone: 03 9280 3354 Mobile: 0409 702 310

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