Music Lawyer Writes on Dark Side of the Music Business

The music scene has undergone rapid transition in terms of both the recordings made and the “dark side” of the LA business has been written about by music lawyer and writer Andrew Watt.

His book is Welcome to the Jungle — Navigating the Music Business In Australia.

“The reason the book is called Welcome to the Jungle is a reference to the Guns N’ Roses song, but also it (music) is a tough industry,” Watt told the Leader.

Watt said the book aimed to help those entering the industry to avoid mistakes, the Herald-Sun reports.

“It’s a tough industry and a changing industry. They need to understand the pitfalls,” he said.

“These days to be successful requires more than the ability to sing and play an instrument.

“It’s a fast evolving and complex industry. You need to understand how all the moving parts work.”

Watt said reality television programs had given some an unrealistic impression of the industry.

“TV shows like The Voice tend to suggest you can become successful very quickly if your name gets picked out of a hat by someone with power or influence,” he said.

“It’s not like that. It’s a lot of hard work, a little bit of luck and knowing how the industry works.”

But Watt sees positives with programs like The Voice, noting they have raised the interest of many young people in music generally.

Watt will present a five-hour workshop based on his book at Frankston Arts Centre’s Cube 37 on Sunday, June 22, from 10am. Cost: $25.

The workshop is a detailed overview of the Australian contemporary music business aimed at anyone wanting to build a career — either as a performer or behind the scenes in roles such as manager, booking agent, venue operator, festival or concert promoter, publicist and in a record company or music publisher.

It is ideal for anyone contemplating or doing a tertiary music business course or artists who want to better understand how their industry operates.

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