Near Naked Lawyers, Facebook And Law Jobs They Love – Legal Jobs Blog – Yep, it’s a very Gen-Y combination but it also comes from Britain where the legal job boundaries are being pushed in all directions. First up, Facebook (we’re leaving naked lawyers until the end so scan ahead – but you’ll miss some good stuff). The Facebook craze continues to surge away and clearly lawyers – young lawyers in particular – are in there boots and all. Now DLA Piper have set up their own social networking site, “Inside the Tent” set up to keep their socially-networked trainees in the loop.

The new site, announced in their press release to LawFuel provides the firm with the dual advantage of saving on sending out hard copy news about the firm, but more importantly it lets trainees feel part of the DLA network.

See The Times interview with DLA CEO Nigel Knowles, about how to “get” DLA Piper – one of the most successful global law practices.

And talking of legal jobs and the often-heard depressing talk about irasciable partners, billing targets and heartbreaking hours, take a look at another Times story, this time on the more uplifting ‘lawyers who love their jobs’ angle.

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