Nelson Mullins is First US Law Firm to Use Collexis Technology to Id…

Nelson Mullins is First US Law Firm to Use Collexis Technology to Identify Experts

COLUMBIA, S.C.–LAWFUEL – Law News, Law Jobs Network –Collexis Inc., a leading developer of knowledge management and discovery software, and Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, a leading US law firm, today announced that Nelson Mullins will be the first US law firm to use Collexis to identify and quantify expert witnesses and testimony in Pharmaceutical cases. This technology platform, known as the Syynx Mediator, is currently in use by major Pharmaceutical organizations and other health sciences clients, such as Merck, Johns Hopkins University and the World Health Organization, to identify leading researchers in a wide range of disciplines. Collexis has now provided this capability to legal firms to help them identify, quantify and qualify expert witnesses in all areas of biomedical and healthcare litigation.

This project will utilize Collexis’ patented Fingerprinting process which searches text for ideas and concepts, rather than key words. The platform generates conceptual maps, or “Fingerprints,” of text such as word processing documents, websites, emails and can create an advanced profile of people or organizations. Through this novel approach, Collexis can build unique applications to search, index, aggregate, prioritize, trend and make predictions based on a variety of sources in multiple fields, without the limitations of language or dialect.

“Nelson Mullins and their talented Pharmaceutical Practice are constantly striving to provide the most innovative and comprehensive program to meet the goals of their clients. With this system installed, Nelson Mullins attorneys will be better equipped to handle Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology cases and clients than those at any other law firm in America,” said William Kirkland, CEO of Collexis Inc.

“In minutes, or even seconds, a user can identify the most comprehensive expert opinions in any domain in the biomedical or pharmaceutical industries and rank those experts objectively, based on the quantity and quality of relevant research they have conducted. Collexis, in concert with our application team at Syynx Solutions, has created over 2 million biomedical expertise profiles which are constantly updated – an incredible edge for Nelson and Team,” said Kirkland.

According to Kirkland, the rollout of the product and the appropriate training on Collexis technology is expected to be complete before the end of the year. Nelson Mullins acknowledged that they are already utilizing the system to assist with current cases.

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