New Bosses at Company’s Writers Acquire New Offices has been known for its reliable and responsible approach to custom writing for the several years that the company has operated in the market. Last week the administration of the custom writing company shared its know-how and explained what the key factor of success is. According to the company’s management it is their treatment of their writers that allows this company to employ bearers of scientific degrees and professional authors. As an ordinary example of their respect the administration showed us the new writers’ offices redesigned at the expense of the company.

“Yeah, sometimes I even doubt who the real bosses here are in this office,” the CEO of joked. “But it’s quite natural, I suppose. Talent is a rare occurrence and inspiration doesn’t come easy. We try to do everything to ensure our writers work in comfortable conditions.”

A quick tour through the new offices allowed us to find soundproof walls and doors, window plants, spacious tables and office chairs with natural leather upholstery. “Do you see those photos on the wall?” the office manager asked. “We tried to hang them upon the very same spot though the walls themselves are new.” The CEO sounded optimistic: “Hope, it would surprise out writers when they return from their vacations. And, surely, it will increase the efficiency of their work.”

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