New Madeleine McCann Video Shows Dining Out

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – With Portuguese officials still tight-lipped on the case of British toddler Madeleine McCann’s disappearance in May, word is emerging of a video that showed Maddie dining out just hours before she vanished, while a suspect is denying a published report that police told him they had eliminated him from suspicion.

Robert Murat, 33, the first person to be declared a suspect in the toddler’s disappearance, told ABC News Saturday that he believes he’s still under suspicion.

“The reports are completely incorrect,” Murat said in a telephone interview from his home in Praia da Luz. “I have not been cleared because I have not been officially informed by police.”

The renewed media focus on Murat came shortly after ABC News and other media outlets learned a beachside restaurant’s closed-circuit camera allegedly photographed Madeleine McCann and her siblings dining just hours before the girl, who now would be 4, went missing.

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