New Mexico Publicizes Unclaimed Property on Local News Station

Unclaimed Property proves to be a problem, even in smaller states such as New Mexico. Recently, New Mexico’s KOB Eyewitness News 4 had a special on New Mexico’s unclaimed property, which was stemmed from a 14-page unclaimed property owner listing in the local newspaper. The article expressed the unclaimed property valuing nearly $128 Million.

New Mexico is eagerly trying to spread the word of unclaimed property. In order to spark more interest in unclaimed property, KOB Eyewitness News 4 previewed some of the items that were left unclaimed, such as Indian Art, guns, and old jewelery. KOB also featured a gold bar in state possession valuing over $100,000! By physically showing some of the unclaimed property, KOB hopes to increase in the number of those trying to search for unclaimed money.

The state of New Mexico currently has a deficit of nearly $260 million. State officials see the large amount of unclaimed money and property as an easy solution to the deficit. However, the unclaimed money is off-limits for government use, since it does not belong to them. It is no telling how long the government will wait until they can get their hands on this unclaimed money and property.

Since the news report on KOB, New Mexico has experienced a larger turnout in those who are coming forward to claim their property or money. Despite the turnout, there is still millions in property and money that are waiting to be claimed.

Along, with New Mexico, every state in the U.S. is experiencing high amounts of unclaimed property and money. Larger states, like California, New York, and Texas, are all experiencing unclaimed money amounts in the billions. Most states have been hard at work trying to reunite the unclaimed money with its owner. Although many have come forward to claim back their money, the unclaimed money piles are increasing at an exponential pace.

Aside from listings in the newspaper, many states are now offering online searches through their state website. Log on to each state’s controller’s website in order to conduct an unclaimed money or property search in that state. In order to search for all unclaimed money, log on to all states and conduct separate searches for each state. Another way is to log on to a various unclaimed money search websites, where you will be able to search all 50 states at one time.

The more and more publicity placed on unclaimed money, the more people will come forward to claim back their money.

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