New Whitepaper Explains the Significant Costs and Challenges of Acce…

New Whitepaper Explains the Significant Costs and Challenges of Accessing Backup Tape Data Without Full Content and Metadata Indexing Technology

HOLMDEL, N.J.– LAWFULE – The Law Newswire – Index Engines, the leader in enterprise discovery solutions, today announced that Constantine & Aborn Advisory Services, LLC (CAAS), a premier litigation consulting company, has selected Index Engines as its technology provider of choice for the electronic discovery of backup tape data. By enabling the comprehensive search of backup tapes without first restoring the content, Index Engines streamlines the discovery process for CAAS and its customers, minimizing manpower and infrastructure requirements. CAAS has also released a whitepaper detailing the significant costs and challenges associated with accessing backup tape data without full content and metadata indexing technology.

“Without proper technology, the retrieval of eDiscovery data from backup tapes can be extraordinarily expensive,” said Richard E. Davis, Director of Litigation Risk Management Services for Constantine & Aborn Advisory Services LLC. “Our experience shows that it costs approximately $500 to restore a single backup tape. For a typical discovery scenario which calls for the searching of data from 500 users over four years, it would be common to have 5,000 backup tapes to restore for a total cost of $2,500,000 before data processing can even begin. Index Engines enables us to perform a complete content and metadata index of backup tapes, without ever restoring them, giving us a much less costly and time consuming method to extract responsive electronically stored information from backup tapes.”

As a leading authority in eDiscovery technologies and processes, CAAS selects technology vendors that will help to streamline the eDiscovery process, reduce costs and mitigate risks. CAAS selected Index Engines based on the following key benefits of its products:

Offline Tape Discovery without Restore—Index Engines significantly reduces the manual effort and costs surrounding offline tapes and the eDiscovery process. Direct indexing of tape content, without time consuming and expensive restoration of the contents, delivers rapid response to requests for files and emails stored on offline tape.
Fast and scalable to billions of files—Index Engines technology understands backup formats to directly index tape contents. Because indexing occurs at high speeds, the system can rapidly process large volumes of tapes. A single Index Engines Appliance can index up to 100 million files and email. Multiple Appliances can index billions of files to support even the largest discovery events.
Quick and easy data restoration— Index Engines simplifies the restore process by returning query results with tape ID and file location. To restore data, users check the documents they want restored in the query results window. Index Engines automatically generates a request to the administrator with all relevant information.
“The arrival of advanced technology from Index Engines requires fundamental changes in the litigation readiness and response strategies of corporations and counsel,” added Davis. “The technology enables parties to potentially capture single instances of files merely by passing the tape. It also eliminates the need to do a full restore of an Exchange server to locate relevant email and attachments. It’s technologies like this that literally crack open the vault of backup tape information.”

Whitepaper Discussing Technology and the Discovery of Backup Tape Data

Britten and his associate Richard E. Davis, Director of Litigation Risk Management Services for CASS, further discuss the impact of technology on eDiscovery in their whitepaper, “New Technology Alters the Terrain on Accessibility of Backup Tape Data” which can be found by visiting

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About Index Engines

Founded in 2003, Index Engines is the leader in enterprise discovery solutions. The company’s mission is to organize enterprise data assets and make them immediately accessible and easily manageable. Businesses rely on Index Engines’ solutions for comprehensive insight into their data in order to streamline the discovery, classification and management of enterprise assets. The Index Engines discovery platform is the only solution on the market that understands storage protocols allowing for high speed, efficient indexing of backup formats including IBM TSM, EMC NetWorker, Symantec NetBackup and CA ArcServe. The Index Engines family of products includes a SAN Engine for ingestion of data in flight on the storage network, a LAN Engine for ingestion of data from NAS filers, and a Tape Engine for direct indexing of offline tape content with the need to restore the files and email.

Index Engines is privately funded and headquartered in Holmdel, New Jersey. Its products are sold and serviced worldwide directly and through Index Engines channel partners. For more information on Index Engines, please visit the company’s website at

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