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New Work-From-Home Technology Arrives in New Zealand – Powerful Cloud-Based Dictation Tool For Lawyers and Others Arrives

Philips brings the complete cloud dictation workflow to New Zealand – Work from anywhere, anytime

The concept of the “office” is changing and expanding in today’s digitally driven world. Due to business globalization, travel restrictions and a renewed focus on work-life balance, many formerly office-based employees have been opting for flexible work arrangements. While this might not be a new concept for some, the global COVID-19 pandemic has thrusted businesses across the world into remote working.

Philips SpeechLive, a cloud dictation workflow solution, has helped plenty of businesses from varied industries, to stay on top of their game during this time. The solution allows to record dictations and access files online from anywhere at any time. Speech recognition software and access to professional transcriptionists saves time to type documents quickly and accurately. 

Productivity on the go for busy professionals

Authors can record dictations as usual using any Philips voice recorder, their smartphone or any digital recorder. Their familiar dictation routine remains unchanged with Philips SpeechLive. Users can easily send dictations from anywhere to the cloud and have their assistant transcribe the files for them. Automated forwarding rules between multiple authors and transcriptionists facilitate a smooth workflow allowing busy professionals to concentrate on their core competencies and maximize their billable hours.

Excellent workflow management

The user interface of the browser-based software is simple and intuitive. Minimal training is necessary before an author can start being productive. Once the user has allocated an Office Manager for the solution, additional users can be added easily and assigned with an author or transcriptionist role. Workflow settings can be changed quickly, and all settings can be altered online, from anywhere, anytime. 

Assistants can take advantage of being location independent. The recorded files can be accessed, played back and transcribed on any computer (Windows or Mac) using only the internet browser.

Working from home is no longer a problem. It can be easily implemented in a pre-existing workflow, supporting mixed environments, where not all users have access to SpeechLive. For even more convenience, Philips also offers a foot control which can be used to control the audio player functions within the web-browser.

Transform your voice into written text

The speech recognition service allows customers to get more done in less time. Everyone from real estate agents, journalists, finance professionals and people in the legal, healthcare and insurance industry can save time and money by having their recordings automatically typed up for them. On-demand trained transcriptionists are available to bridge any staff shortcomings, ensuring documents are available within 24 hours. All of this is done within the Philips SpeechLive cloud for increased security.

Data protection and security

Philips SpeechLive protects the author’s dictations by encrypting them during recording and once again when they are sent-off, storing them securely in the cloud in an encrypted format.

This means end-to-end double encryption and protection from unauthorised access. The Australian-based data centre meets all legal requirements for data transfer and data storage, guaranteeing data is always kept safe.

Being flexible, mobile and agile is now more important than ever before. A simple solution like SpeechLive can considerably reduce bottlenecks caused by manual processes and handoffs, thereby increasing the firm’s overall time efficiency, quality of client services and profitability.

Don’t miss out from going cloud! Trial Philips SpeechLive 30 days for free. 

Simply download the app on your iPhone and Android smartphones, or contact Sound Business Systems here.  

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