New Year Profit Deal-10 % Discount On SysTools SQL Password Recovery Tool

Gothenburg, Sweden, January 02, 2012–Company announced the beginning of New Year profit deals with SysTools SQL Password Recovery tool. This outstanding tool is available at 10 % discount. To avail the discount offer, users just have to contact technical support department, which is available (24×7). Executives of technical support department will provide full information to the users about discount offers. Company announced these profit deals to make all customers happy and positive results are expected by the company.

10 % discount offer has made this tool a perfect deal for SysTools SQL Password Recovery process because many great facilities like check box users’ selection, simple interface, all SQL Server editions support, data backup before processing, etc were already included in it. Users also get the facility to check the functionality of this tool before purchasing with trial edition.

Statement by Evan Swans (Director, Product Development), “New Year is coming up so we want our customers smiling. Now, users can avail 10 percent discount on our SysTools SQL Password Recovery tool. The tool offers many great facilities at discounted rates so the customers would definitely have a smile on their face.”

Statement by Allegan (Lab Director), “Our SQL Password Recovery tool, perfectly handles the password removal need of different users. With checkbox users’ selection facility of the tool, passwords of multiple users can be removed in one time. With simple interface of the tool, password removal process becomes much easier for the users. And now, a discount offer is also available with the tool, to give maximum benefit to the users.”

Statement by Joseph Cain (Head of Support Department), “Have a great new year with us. Our all tools are available at 10 % discount. Users just have to contact our executives to avail those discounts. The users who are required to perform SQL password recovery process can also avail the benefit of discount on our SysTools SQL Password Recovery tool.”

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