NEW YORK, Feb. 20 LAWFUEL – Legal News Network — As abs…

NEW YORK, Feb. 20 LAWFUEL – Legal News Network — As absorbing as the
politics of a possible Roe reversal might be, the actual consequences of
such a reversal would be drastic. According to our study “What If Roe
Fell?” 30 states would be poised to criminalize abortion within a year’s
time. What many Americans don’t realize is that the legal building blocks
to overturn Roe are already in place in many states or are being quickly
erected. Without Roe v. Wade, life for American women would be thrown more than 30 years in reverse — returning them to the days of second-class citizenship.

When a woman cannot decide for herself when and whether she will have children, her opportunities to shape her future and care for her family are drastically reduced. Americans need to know the facts behind the politics of reversing Roe.

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