NEW YORK, Feb. 9 2005 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network– Manhat…

NEW YORK, Feb. 9 2005 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network– Manhattan personal injury firm Weitz & Luxenberg has launched an aggressive marketing campaign seeking patients injured by the arthritis and pain medication Celebrex after the drug’s
manufacturer acknowledged that a 1999 clinical trial showed clear
cardiovascular risks in elderly patients taking the drug.

As late as October of 2004, in response to the Vioxx recall, Pfizer said
that no studies had ever shown increased Celebrex-related cardiovascular
risks. Now Pfizer has acknowledged that, in a 1999 study where Celebrex was
tested as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, patients taking Celebrex
quadrupled their risk for a heart attack versus those taking a placebo. This
study was not published until June of 2001, four months after the FDA
conducted a safety review of Vioxx and Celebrex.

Personal injury law firms such as Weitz & Luxenberg are concentrating on
the most serious Celebrex-related injuries; heart attacks, strokes, and death,
paying particular attention to the dosage and frequency with which the drug
was taken when evaluating potential lawsuits.

In the firm’s most recent television advertisement, a Celebrex tablet
falls into a glass of water, which immediately turns murky. An announcer says,
“Don’t let Pfizer muddy the legal waters around Celebrex. Suppressed clinical
trials prove it’s dangerous medicine.”

In subsequent frames, tablets with the firm’s name drop into the glass,
and the water begins to clear. The announcer goes on to say, “Weitz &
Luxenberg has already accepted cases and begun a landmark investigation.” As
the water becomes completely clear, the announcer concludes, “Be clear about
your rights as a Celebrex user.”

With marketing campaigns such as these, personal injury firms hope to
attract Celebrex users who have suffered heart attacks, strokes, and other
cardiovascular injuries. In anticipation of a heavy case load, Weitz &
Luxenberg has assigned a team of lawyers with a track record of success and
experience in drug litigation matters.

People who have been injured by Celebrex can contact Weitz & Luxenberg.
Interested parties should call the Client Relations Department at
1 (800) 476-6070, email [email protected], and view the firm’s
website at


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