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New York, January 12 (JY&A Media)- LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – International fashion magazine Lucire is preparing for its US edition, to be launched this quarter, and has successfully obtained national distribution for the title, according to its American collaborator, MAMi Media.

Lucire’s distribution throughout the United States and selected Canadian markets will be handled by Comag, which represents other major fashion titles.

The United States is the third country to publish its own edition of Lucire, after New Zealand and Romania.
In 1997, Lucire began as a dot com (at, and last year was the first web site in the world to spawn international print editions.
The magazine’s founding publisher, Jack Yan, says he is excited about the prospect of its American edition.
In September 2005, Lucire announced its intention to publish an American edition, a fact that was well received by the New York fashion community.
Mr Yan says that the American edition of Lucire will retain the same ideas of ‘hope, global freedom and social responsibility that the original edition has.
‘Although the New Zealand edition is the “home” one, we always felt that Lucire deserved to compete alongside other international fashion titles,’ he says.
‘New Zealand is actually one of the toughest magazine markets in the world, because of its high concentration of titles per capita.
‘After 15 months in print, over eight years online, and being able to grow extra issues, we believe we have a product that America is going to love.’
Lucire US’s first issue cover is photographed by Gray Scott, who has shot each Lucire New Zealand cover since October 2005.
Thanks to its US entry, the magazine is also available on Zinio (

Images for this release may be downloaded at .

About Lucire
Lucire, the global fashion magazine (, started on the web in 1997. In October 2004, it became the first magazine in its sector to extend its brand into a print magazine. By May 2005, it became the first web magazine to spawn two national print editions. A US print edition was announced in August 2005. Lucire became the first fashion industry partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, It is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand and published by Lucire LLC. For print edition information, see .

About MAMi Media
MAMI Media is the premier hot new urban couture magazine company taking fashion by the seat of its high-priced pants by way of Philadelphia, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, in print and on the web.
MAMi features cultural as well as ethnic trends and blends, with hot editorial features on lifestyles, celebrities, music, beauty and health. MAMi speaks a universal language to all women and represents their individual cultures and tastes in exciting and cutting-edge photography and presentation.

About Comag
Comag Marketing Group, LLC (CMG), a jointly owned company of the Hearst Corporation and Conde Nast Publications, Inc., is a widely diversified international, sales and marketing organization for America’s leading magazines, books and specialty products. CMG provides client publishers with comprehensive sales, marketing and promotional services through a network of domestic and overseas sales venues including, mass market, direct to retail and specialty market channels. The four sales divisions of CMG (Magazines, Books, International and Specialty Sales) collectively offer publishers, devoted to producing quality consumer publications, with complete newsstand circulation services.

Notes to editors
Lucire is a registered trademark of Jack Yan & Associates and subject to protection in certain jurisdictions. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners and are only used in a descriptive fashion without any intention to infringe.

Jack Yan, Publisher (Wellington)
T 64 4 387-3213, F 64 4 387-3213
E [email protected]

Lisa Tardrew, Associate Publisher and Director of Advertising (Auckland)
T 64 21 4-LUCIRE, 64 21 458-2473
E [email protected]

Ann Fryer, Associate Publisher (New York)
T 1 203 979-6166
E [email protected]

Simone Knol, Editor-in-chief, web edition (London)
T 44 7876 701-505
E [email protected]

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