NEW YORK, June 27, 2006 — PowerLaw, Inc., a producer of multi-user fi…

NEW YORK, June 27, 2006 — PowerLaw, Inc., a producer of multi-user financial management software for law firms, announced the relocation of their corporate headquarters from San Diego to Manhattan, New York. The firm’s premiere product, PowerLaw, is sophisticated cash-based software designed for law firms of all sizes. With the user-friendly software, law firms increase both productivity and profitability. “Relocating to Manhattan, one of the nation’s key legal hubs, was a natural progression for our firm. In order to continue to grow at an accelerated pace, we needed the ability to meet personally with our clients,” states CEO Deborah Avaro.

“Flexibility, ease of use, expert data conversion and law firm-experienced trainers set PowerLaw apart from the competition. Our software and knowledgeable staff provide the tools and guidance necessary to achieve financial success,” adds Avaro. In order for law firm administrators to evaluate the high-end program, PowerLaw provides a free online web site demo along with a complete live interactive demo via the Internet. PowerLaw’s experts will affordably convert a firm’s current financial software data to the new product with ease. PowerLaw’s training rates are reasonable.
In most cases the cost of the software is recouped within three months of purchase and installation.

PowerLaw is an all-in-one solution. Some of the key features are case management, calendaring, financial reports, trust/advance deposit tracking, client payment plans and contact management. The software architecture is fully integrated and flexible. Law Office Computing reported, “Features such as multiple stopwatches and system-wide user-defined security are added bonuses. PowerLaw is designed with its clients in mind.”

About PowerLaw, Inc.

PowerLaw, Inc. designs integrated, multi-user financial software for law firms. Headquartered in Manhattan, New York, the firm was founded in 1998 by former law firm administrator and national law firm consultant Deborah Avaro and Luke Tigaris, chief software architect and developer.
PowerLaw serves clients nationwide. PowerLaw has been featured in San Diego Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, ALA and Law Office Computing. The firm is a member of the Better Business Bureau. For more information call (888) 825-6364 or visit


Deborah Avaro
Chief Executive Officer
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