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NEW YORK- LAWFUEL – The Law News Network -Feb. 17, 2006–Michael S. Pascazi, Attorney and Counselor-at-Law, (“Pascazi”) has filed a class-action lawsuit against Verizon Communications, Inc.(NYSE:VZ) (“Verizon”) on February 16, 2006, alleging and accusing the telecom giant of violating the law and the privacy of its customers by collaborating with the National Security Agency (“NSA”) in the NSA’s massive and illegal program to wiretap and data-mine Americans’ communications. Docket No.: SDNY 06 Civ. 1221

In December 2005, the press revealed that the government had instituted a comprehensive and warrantless electronic surveillance program that ignored the careful safeguards set forth by Congress. This surveillance program, purportedly authorized by the President at least as early as 2001 and primarily undertaken by the NSA, allegedly intercepts and analyzes the communications of millions of ordinary Americans.

In the largest “invasion of privacy” ever devised, it is alleged that the NSA uses powerful computers to “data-mine” the contents of these Internet and telephone communications for suspicious names, numbers, and words, and to analyze data traffic indicating who is calling and emailing whom, in order to identify persons who may be “linked” to “suspicious activities”, whether directly or indirectly. “Such conduct by the government is more troubling than the issuance of the General Warrants by King George, prior to the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War, whereby, the American Patriots threw off the yoke of tyranny”; according to Pascazi.

To accomplish such a feat the government requires the collaboration of major telecommunications companies to implement the NSA’s unprecedented and illegal domestic wiretapping program.

Verizon (which recently acquired MCI, Inc., formerly WorldCom) maintains domestic and international telecommunications facilities over which millions of Americans’ telephone and Internet communications pass every day. It is also alleged that Verizon manages some of the largest databases in the world, containing records of most or all communications made through its vast networks.

The lawsuit alleges that Verizon has opened its key telecommunications facilities and databases to direct access by the NSA and/or other government agencies, thereby, disclosing to the government the contents of its customers’, and others’, communications, as well as detailed communications records about millions of its customers’ and others, whose communications pass over and through Verizon’s telecommunications facilities, including the lawsuit’s class members.

The lawsuit also alleges that Verizon has given the government unfettered access to its over 19,000 gigabyte databases of information; some of the largest databases in the world. Moreover, it is alleged that by opening its network and databases to wholesale surveillance by the NSA, Verizon has violated the privacy of its customers and the people they call and email, as well as broken longstanding communications privacy laws.

The lawsuit further alleges that Verizon continues to assist the government in its secret surveillance of millions of Americans. Pascazi, on behalf of a nationwide class of persons, is suing to hold Verizon responsible for its alleged illegal collaboration in the government’s domestic wiretapping program, which program has violated the law and damaged the fundamental freedoms of the American public. The suit estimates and alleges damages totaling $20 Billion, subject to evidence adduced during discovery and at trial.

For a copy of the Class Action Complaint, filed in Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York, go to

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