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NEW YORK– LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire –DoubleClick Inc., the premier provider of digital marketing and technology services, issued the following statement regarding data ownership.

Since the announcement of Google’s intention to acquire DoubleClick, several media reports have incorrectly suggested that data collected by the company’s online display advertising technology could be used by Google, or combined with information owned by Google.

This is simply not the case.

Information collected by DoubleClick DART® ad serving technology belongs to DoubleClick’s clients and not to DoubleClick. Any and all information collected by DoubleClick is, and will remain, the property of the company’s clients. Ownership rights, like the other terms of DoubleClick’s client contracts, will be unaffected by any acquisition.

Further, Google would not be able to match its search data to the data collected by DoubleClick, as DoubleClick does not have the right to use its clients’ data for such purposes.

By contract, DoubleClick has only the limited rights to use data for its aggregate reporting and to disclose data, if so required, to government authorities.

About DoubleClick Inc.

DoubleClick is a provider of digital marketing technology and services. The world’s top marketers, publishers and agencies utilize DoubleClick’s expertise in ad serving, rich media, video, search and affiliate marketing to help them make the most of the digital medium. From its position at the nerve center of digital marketing, DoubleClick provides superior insights and insider knowledge to its customers. Headquartered in New York, and with 17 offices and development hubs and 15 data centers worldwide, the company employs more than 1200 people and delivers billions of digital communications every day. Learn more at

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