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New York, May 5 (JY&A Media) – LAWFUEL – The News Network – ‘Summer Rayne Oakes is becoming one of the most influential women on sustainability in her generation,’ write Daniel Roth and Doug Cohen, co-chairs of the US Partnership for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. ‘Based on her heartfelt commitment and tireless pursuit of opportunities to educate, inspire action and raise public awareness of the great needs of the world … we welcome her support and applaud her work.’
Oakes, a young model-citizen just over 20 years, is emerging onto the scene as an uncharacteristically passionate force of nature. Although Oakes has already experienced early success in her budding career, this is only a prelude to what her future holds. Upon meeting this vivacious 5’10”, Ivy league-educated beauty, one will no doubt be convinced that her achievements thus far are only the beginning.
Summer Rayne began freelance modelling in New York City during her sophomore year at Cornell University. She found an interest in the fashion industry because it was a unique niche to disseminate social and environmental initiatives, something very close to her heart and course of study. Instead of abandoning college to pursue her modeling goals, Oakes simultaneously juggled a rigorous academic schedule, a vast number of research positions, and travel to New York City (despite the distance) to model and promote her career.
John Howell, Director of Tomorrow’s Planet TV advised Summer Rayne that establishing oneself simultaneously and successfully both as a fashion figurehead and social entrepreneur is not just difficult, but unheard of. ‘The world is full up with model–actresses, but model–activists are a rare breed indeed. Summer Rayne Oakes uses her modeling as a platform for her activism—and vice versa. She embodies high style and intellectual credibility in equal measure. She takes a good picture and walks the talk about sustainable living. In her unusual role mix of a career, she is blazing a new trail by wrapping fashion and social justice in the same package,’ chimes Howell.
The editorial interest surrounding the story of this young model–citizen is just beginning. Lucire, one of the world’s foremost fashion titles online and a popular choice as print among a number of countries, was one of the first magazines to pick up on her story. The magazine also hails as the United Nations Environment Programme’s first fashion partner, which grabbed the attention of one of Oakes’s acquaintances, director of the Environmental Library Fund, Rémy Chevalier, who made the connection to the magazine on her behalf.
For her April 2005 interview, publisher Jack Yan writes: ‘[W]hat makes Oakes tick? This is a Cornell graduate with degrees in entomology and natural resources, the winner of numerous academic awards—certainly not the twentieth century’s idea of the model. If she has a fault, it may be that she is ahead of her time, and the world is catching up.’
Being ahead of her time and starting something from nothing are two concepts that Oakes was used to at an early age. ‘Summer Rayne was not born into a lineage of fashion models, socialites, environmentalists or Ivy Leaguers,’ remarks Rachel Winters, Oakes’s senior publicist. ‘She was born into a modest background in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, began taking care of herself at a young age, put herself through college, and began embarking on a unique career path.’ Winters continues, ‘She took what she had, got involved in anything and everything of interest, and ran with it. She was able to figure out how to interweave her talents and assets to produce combinational, multiplicative effects. Who Summer Rayne is, what she has accomplished and where she is heading all are driven through self-motivation, unbridled passion and the quest for a greater cause.’
Oakes has an undeniable ability to breathe life into projects and anyone who has the pleasure of speaking to her about her mission can feel the vigor she radiates. ‘People have a tendency to gravitate towards her, especially because her enthusiasm and energy fills any room she walks in,’ brags Brendan Lavin, Summer Rayne’s associate publicist. Lavin continues by saying, ‘She has incredible stage presence and an intelligent beauty about her. She’s stately, she’s articulate, she’s charismatic, and she’s down-to-earth. However, at the same time she is witty, has a bit of locker room-humor and an indefinable, raw edge that captivates people of all ages and makes the most confident and humble trip over their own feet.’
‘It’s great that people are beginning to hear her story,’ comments Edward Miccinati, a fellow colleague and fashion client. ‘Summer Rayne’s April 2005 début is an appropriate time to begin letting the world know about her story. She is just beginning to bud both as a model and as a social entrepreneur. It’s her first year out of college, her first big strides into the modelling and environmental industries, and all in conjunction with Earth Day events.’
‘She’s been a very busy young woman,’ states Brendan Lavin. ‘She just flew back from Antigua where she did two fashion editorials and one ad campaign. Now, she’s switching gears and heading to Marina del Rey to network at the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) Conference.’
‘Summer Rayne’s ability to prioritize and carry out her diverse tasks comes from self-discipline, great talent, and dedication. Coupling these traits with her intellect and gorgeous look makes her one in a million,’ continues Lavin. ‘When she flies back from California, she’ll be in a few meetings to seek sponsorship for the Organic Portraits project, continue working on her eco-fashion curriculum, and then she’s on to more modelling that involves direct selling and self-promotion.’
‘Both clients and the public respect her and respond to her quite favourably,’ Winters declares. ‘They find out she is something much more than a model, yet not quite a supermodel or celebrity, at least not yet. She possesses a rich aura of panache that can combat or work well with any hierarchal fashion title.’
Jack Yan of Lucire bolsters that statement: ‘Summer Rayne Oakes may be the archetype of the twenty-first-century supermodel. While the s word has not been applied by the media yet, she has all the ingredients that make one in the modern context; an active involvement in environmental causes, an intelligence quotient that hovers in the 180 mark, and a sexy, smouldering look.’ One thing is for certain, the world has graciously opened its doors for Ms Summer Rayne and all will soon be listening.

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