NEW YORK, NY – January 05, 2005 – LAWFUEL – Best for law news – The C…

NEW YORK, NY – January 05, 2005 – LAWFUEL – Best for law news – The Converging Technologies Bar Association (CTBA), the first bar association in the world that
addresses the legal, policy, regulatory and societal impact of
converging technologies in the 21st century, today announced the
appointment of two new co-chairmen to its distinguished advisory board.

The CTBA announced that Dr. Michael J. Heller, Ph.D., and Douglas W.
Jamison have been named advisory board co-chairmen.

Dr. Heller is a professor in the departments of Bioengineering and
Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of
California, San Diego. Dr. Heller’s most recent work involved the
development of integrated DNA chip devices and systems for genomic and
biomedical research and clinical diagnostic applications. He has also
been involved in the development of biosensor systems for the detection
of infectious agents related to national response to bioterrorism.

Douglas W. Jamison is president, chief operating officer and chief
financial officer of Harris & Harris Group, Inc., a publicly held
venture capital company. Prior to joining Harris & Harris Group, Mr.
Jamison worked for five years as a senior technology manager at the
University of Utah Technology Transfer Office, where he managed
intellectual property for the University of Utah.

About the CTBA
The Converging Technologies Bar Association is the first professional
association in the world dedicated to addressing the multi-faceted
impact of converging technologies. With its collective focus on
nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, cognitive
science, neuroscience and other related sciences and technologies
(NBIC), the CTBA
provides a rich forum for bringing clarity and focus to the legal,
ethical and societal issues generated by the convergence of these

The purpose of the CTBA is to foster interest, understanding and
collaboration among the legal, scientific, engineering, technology and
business communities and realizes this purpose through its centers and
divisions: Center on Law, Ethics and Judicial Affairs; International Law
and Foreign Policy Center; Education Center; Communication Center;
Action Nerve Center; Institute of Legal Convergence and Global
Innovation; and New Renaissance Legal Laboratory. Membership in the CTBA
is open to all professionals, non-profit groups, government agencies and
students interested in converging technologies.

To learn more about the CTBA, and apply for membership, visit, send an email to
[email protected] or call (212) 591-CTBA.

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