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NEW YORK, Sept. 24 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network — Seasoned pilots and attorneys at Kreindler & Kreindler LLP, the largest aviation law firm in the United States, cited today a documented history of design problems with the S-3 Viking
aircraft, the same equipment that crashed Wednesday near the Jacksonville, FL,
Naval Air Station. Two crew members, one from Nebraska, the other from New
York, were killed.

“Given the early stage of the investigation, it is premature to speculate
as to the precise cause of the crash, however, the S-3 does have a documented
history of design problems,” said Kreindler attorney Daniel O. Rose. “These
include entering uncommanded rolls and other in-flight and on-the-ground
control anomalies.”

Several attorneys with the law firm are former military pilots, including
Mr. Rose, who flew the S-3 Viking aircraft. Originally designed for
anti-submarine warfare, the equipment is manufactured by Lockheed for use in
air-to-air combat, anti-surface warfare, reconnaissance, search and rescue
missions and in-flight refueling. The U.S. Navy bases the S-3 Viking in
Jacksonville, FL, and San Diego, CA.

A June 1985 document entitled, “Lockheed Private Data [-] Significant
In-Service Problem Report,” states that: “The S-3A has experienced flight
control anomalies, both in flight and on the ground.”

Referring to the S-3, a 1987 memorandum from a staff engineer in
Lockheed’s Military System Safety division states that, “A recent report…
described an in flight lateral control system problem and highlights an
urgent, repeating and an as yet unresolved safety of flight problem.”

The law firm is available to offer commentary about:

* The history of the S-3 and a past legal case involving it
* Victims’ and victims’ family rights in air crashes
* All other legal issues and guidelines related to air crashes
* Airplane technical and operational matters
* Crash investigation and accident reconstruction

Expert pilots/attorneys at Kreindler & Kreindler include:
Daniel O. Rose: Kreindler law partner specializing in litigating airline,
general aviation and military crash cases, as well as other complex products
liability and negligence cases. Mr. Rose served in the United States Navy as
a carrier-based attack pilot including service in Operation Desert Shield. He
accrued hundreds of hours flying the S-3 Viking.

Brian Alexander: Kreindler law partner and graduate of the United States
Military Academy who served as a helicopter and fixed wing pilot from
1985-1990. He graduated from the Army Aviation Accident Investigation Course,
accruing thousands of hours in a variety of rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

Founded in 1950, Kreindler & Kreindler ( is
nationally recognized as the first and most prominent aviation law firm in the
nation. The firm has been the leading plaintiff legal counsel on hundreds of
aviation cases, including major ones such as the September 11 terrorist
attacks, Pan Am Lockerbie Flight 103, Korean Airlines Flight 007, American
Airlines Flight 587, and many cases of small private and commercial crashes.
Its ranks include airplane and helicopter pilots, engineers and other
technical experts.

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