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NEWPORT BEACH, CA -August 20 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network– Orange County California law firm O’Connell & Rydstrom, LLP announces a FIRST in the legal profession with its release of its CHILDREN’S GUARDIAN-CARE PROTECTION KIT™ included in its Living Trusts / Wills and estate plans. This is a major expansion of the typical protections offered in standard living trust/will formats. O’Connell & Rydstrom will announce its CHILDREN’S GUARDIAN-CARE PROTECTION KIT™, which Richard Rydstrom, Esq. calls the “ANTI-SCHIAVO CASE FOR KIDS!™,” for the first time publicly, at the Parenting OC Expo at the Block Mall in Orange County, California, this Saturday, August 13, 2005.

To date, standard Living Trusts and Wills have omitted critical information concerning certain protections of minor children. Rydstrom says: “If it’s really about the kids, and it is, then this must be changed now! Does your Living Trust / Will indicate what will happen to your children (not just you and your spouse) if you or your spouse are incapacitated or dead during such time that your child is hospitalized, dying, or dead? Your answer is: Your appointed ‘trustee will handle it’ — as he/she sees fit. Why don’t you and your spouse prescribe what will happen? You should and now you can.”

It’s time to expand the typical form Living Trust or Will (and conventional thinking) and include protections that safeguard children not only from unintended guardians, court guardianships or costly hearings, but also from unintended decisions concerning: Children’s Health Care Directives, concerning Children’s Medical Care, “Pull the Plug” and Schiavo case issues, as well as final wishes including burial, cremation, etc.

Rydstrom cautions that “it’s not enough to have a disposition of property plan for you and your spouse, which includes your children, and to leave it to your friend or family member to figure out your children’s final wishes. That’s an awesome responsibility that needs to be handled by you right now! By definition a ‘GUARDIAN’ is a person legally responsible for someone unable to manage their own affairs, especially a child whose parents have died.” Rydstrom says his CHILDREN’S GUARDIAN-CARE PROTECTION KIT™ solves that problem.

O’Connell & Rydstrom, LLP will start to offer its proprietary CHILDREN’S GUARDIAN-CARE PROTECTION KIT™ with every Living Trust or Will.


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