Newsweek Trashes Ron Paul – But Who’s Being Trashed?

LawFuel – Newsweek have done an ‘analysis’ on the Ron Paul message, coming up with doubts and so-called ‘factual fumbles’ about the Libertarian senator’s run for nomination.

Newsweek reports: “Ron Paul doesn’t have much of a chance of winning the Republican nomination, but he persists with his well-funded campaign and even talks of turning it into a permanent “Revolution” that will continue far beyond 2008 . . .

“Ron Paul’s candidacy is something of an enigma. His impressive fundraising and his legions of dedicated volunteers suggest that he could be among the front-runners in contention for the Republican nomination. Yet his national poll numbers hover consistently just above the margin of error, and on Super Tuesday, he finished last in 17 of 21 contests, including California, where he lost to a candidate who had already withdrawn from the race. He admits he has little hope of winning the nomination.”

The responses are perhaps more telling:

Sample: I would also like to make note that Newsweek’s consistent wide-spread coverage of pro-war candidates, while neglecting or attacking pro-peace candidates is very telling indeed. It certainly suggests that the people running the publication are pro-war. Such individuals are both shameful and disgusting.

Sample: I can’t believe the level of contempt you have shown your readers by printing this trash after admitting he was the number one search at your site.

I will be cancelling my subscription.

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