NFL Player Tatupu Pleads Not Guilty

Does Tatup need a lawyer? It looks like he just might. Los Angeles native Lofa Tatupu of the Seahawks NFL Franchise was in the city courthouse for a May 10th stop for driving too fast as well not to mention erraticly at about 2 in the morning. He was subsequently charged with a dui.

According to various online and offline published
reports around 2 hours after he was halted by the
police dept. he was given a breathalyzer test and was apparently was nearly 2 times over the legal limit.

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When appearing in the Kirkland Muncipal Court in
front of Judge Michael J. Lambo, the National Football league linebacker, didn’t not speak and it seems that his lawyer pleaded not guilty on his behalf.

In addition, following the hearing his lawyer stated
that Tatupu would not be making any statements or
taking any questions from reporters.

There was a non-confirmed date set for a hearing
July 7th for the football player to show up and the
defensive linebackers training camp for the Seahawks
begins July 25th.

After his arrest the Los Angeles native made a May
13th statement that was released by the team apologizing to family and teammates for his arrest as well as the Seahawk fans.

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