Nioxin System 4 Nioxin Cleanser

Nioxin is a wide array of hair care products which have been in the market for quite some time. Having been in the market for a long time definitely means that they have gained the trust of all the users of the products in the market. With the whole world having moved to the organic products bandwagon a long time ago, this has to be one of the reasons the nioxin hair care products have gained such a wide acceptance over the 20 years it has been in the market. It is one of the products in the market which is made of natural ingredients that will not harm the user and will deliver the quality of hair it has promised to deliver. This has been clinically proven; it is not just a commercial farce. The makers of this brand have one thing in mind, the quality of your hair, unlike others who have money in mind. In their motivation to make an extra buck, some manufacturers have put in their cosmetics and hair care products dangerous chemicals so as to increase the shelf life. For nioxin, you will be getting quality for the money you part with, and you will not regret it.

Nioxin is divided into eight and each one of these divisions has a function. Although the functions of all the particular products seem to correspond with others, each one seems to be required to function with a different strength. This is because not all the people have the same level of hair loss. Some people have lost more hair than others and need more care than the ones who have not lost a lot of hair.

A different kind of care is needed for people with chemically treated hair and those who have permanently dyed their hair. This is the reason for the division. The first four divisions belong to a different category than the other four.

This nioxin system 4 has the nioxin cleanser, the nioxin scalp therapy and the nioxin scalp treatment. These three hair care products are different from each other and they work separately from each other in order to achieve the result of hair re-growth. A person who has been told to use nioxin system 4 most likely has more than 50% hair loss. For this person, he or she needs to use these three products as instructed, and nothing else. The cleanser is used to remove all the dirt and the hormone DHT (responsible for balding and hair loss) from the hair. it also prevents too much dryness.

The nioxin for hair scalp treatment adds nutrients to the scalp and removes excess skin from the scalp, the type that forms dandruff. It opens the pores of the scalp and causes the hair to add more volume. The scalp treatment prevents the scalp from being toasted by the sun. It is a sunscreen that adds vitamins and other nutrient to the scalp so that it is healthy. After using it for three months, you should be able to see lovely re-growth of hair. Nioxin Recharging Complex, Nioxin Intensive Therapy

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