NZ Legal Jobs Online – Seeking Legal Jobs – The NZ Law Prospects Look Tough – But It Will Be Okay – NZ’s Online Legal Jobs Board – Although 2009 is going to be tough with legal jobs redundancies ahead, the prospects are not as grim as many might otherwise think, according to lawyers spoken to by LawFuel, the NZ legal jobs board.

“2008 was one of the toughest years we’ve had,” said one lawyer from a three-partner firm. “We’ve already honed our operation down and although 2009 is going to be hard, we’re ready for it.”

It’s the sort of fighting talk that might be expected from lawyers who have already seen some hard times, but LawFuel’s survey of smaller practitioners shows they’re largely ready for a tough legal time ahead.

But through the tough times will come a sharper-focused more competitive legal industry, some commentators believe.

Although LawFuel legal jobs monitor shows a decline in legal jobs being offered, thanks largely to lawyers remaining in current positions, the prospects for legal jobs ahead remains muted.

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