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Storm in Double-D Cups

It took the perspicacious judgment of the diminutive Nicola Mathers to rule on the larger issue that so aroused Aucklanders, the ‘Boobs on Bikes’ debacle. Nicola, a prosecutor for the Department of Labour many years ago in the capital has always been one to add sound level headedness to matters, even something as comically diversionary as this promotional episode that so transfixed the Queen City. It does, however set a precedent for future events in Auckland which, as the city progressively drowns in its ongoing, unannounced and daily downpours, will increasingly be focused on indoor activity like Crowe’s “Exotica Erotica” or whatever it’s called. There will almost certainly be future indoor event promotions like ‘Harlets on Harleys’, ‘Seniors on Segways’, ‘Westies on the Wagon’ and so on.

Contemplating Navels

I couldn’t help but wonder what the view of the parade was for Judge Mathers’ partner, Michael Reed QC, whose views on most things is clearly expressed and known to many. For all I know he may have taken the moral high ground and paced the Parnell Rose Garden among the Icebergs and Dublin Bays, close to their estate, to ponder the decline of humankind. There’s plenty else to occupy his mind however, preparing the David Bain defense and immersed in various civil briefs. His legal team on the Bain case is confronted by the State’s deep pockets and deeper desire to secure convictions. I believe Reed was heard to comment recently that their team were being paid less per hour on legal aid than his Porsche mechanic earned. I have also learned that there may be some new scientific evidence presented by the Crown.

Veitch’s Media Nightmare

I’m increasingly siding with Tony Veitch in his dark days. Putting aside the merits of the Crown case against him, the media scrutiny is dissecting his life and giving him all the media attention he once so craved and must now so detest. It’s not so much that however, but rather the tendency for the Police to also play the media game in a rather more sinister manner. The telephone message left in error gives witness to their delight in bringing down the high and mighty, but I know from very personal experience that the Police, whose difficult job I generally wholly support, are also perfectly capable of practicing the very dark art of media manipulation. It’s a dangerous game for both protagonists.

Lay Observers

Recent publicity about the Labour Government stacking every board it can find with its lackeys, has reached the Law Society with delays in the appointment of new lay observers under the new Act to the Disciplinary Tribunal. The current five observers who span the country were to be advised in June as to the new appointments, but prior to their conference in Wellington’s Bolton Hotel on Thursday, they had heard nothing from Rick Barker, the Minister. Michael Gibson, lay observer for the Wellington, Marlborough region, is incensed that the lackey-stacking continues and the lay observers have been left in the dark. It is, he tells me, typical of the “duckshoving” the Law Society has been receiving at the hands of the Minister and his Government.

Bula, Owen Glen

Brian Henry’s appearance via satellite at the Privileges Committee hearing gave what was an unreal barrister-client relationship an additionally surreal element . His unusual Blood Brothers reference is presumably a Steve Crowe style publicity precursor to a Nicky Hager-scripted musical, Blood Brothers II, with all proceeds to another NZ First fighting fund. Unravelling the NZ First funding arrangements will be like solving the mysteries of ancient Egypt. However, subpoenering Owen Glenn is an obvious route and this business about his Monaco residency is irrelevant as he’s in our neighbourhood frequently, up the road at his palatial home in Musket Cove, Fiji. If not, there’s always the satellite.

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