NZ Supreme Court – Is There A Conflict Of Interest? – Lawfuel – Legal Jobs & NZ Legal Newswire – NZ Supreme Court Justice Wilson and QC Alan Galbraith were long-term business partners who are now the subject of issues over conflict of interest in respect of a recent Court case, reports the Sunday Star-Time – see <a href= LawFuel NZLegalJobs & Legal Newswire

The question of a judge and the senior lawyer for one side of a case being business partners is now being investigated by Judicial Conduct Commissioner Ian Haynes. The commissioner was established in 2005 “to receive and assess complaints about the conduct of judges”.

Justice Wilson has responded to questions from Haynes saying that he had mentioned his and Galbraith’s “shared ownership of a horse stud” to Radford’s lawyer, Francis Cooke, before the case. Cooke says he was told by phone only that they owned one or some horses together, not uncommon in legal circles so did not ring alarm bells

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