O.J.’S Lawyer ‘P—ed’ About Being Kept in the Dark on Book Deal; Says…

O.J.’S Lawyer ‘P—ed’ About Being Kept in the Dark on Book Deal; Says Profits Are ‘Blood Money … I Definitely Would Not Have Approved This’

NEW YORK, Nov. 19 LAWFUEL – Law News, Law Jobs Network — O.J. Simpson’s book deal for “If I
Did It,” his account of how he would have killed Nicole Brown Simpson and
Ron Goldman if he did kill them, was such a closely guarded secret that
even Simpson’s lawyer, Yale Galanter, was surprised by the news, report
Assistant Managing Editor Mark Miller, Los Angeles Correspondent Andrew
Murr and Senior Editor Weston Kosova in the November 27 issue of Newsweek
(on newsstands Monday, November 20).

Galanter bluntly admits he’s “p—ed”
O.J. kept him in the dark about it. He calls the profits “blood money,” and says, “I definitely would not have approved this.” Galanter says the whole thing is something of a bait-and-switch. Only one of the seven chapters deals with the murder, he says, and nowhere does O.J. admit to killing anyone. Even so, Galanter says, “I wouldn’t have done it for a gazillion dollars.”

Simpson’s children evidently don’t share his misgivings, report Miller,
Murr and Kosova. Galanter says O.J.’s four grown children — two from a
previous marriage, and two he had with Nicole — were among the few people who knew about the deal before last week, and he says they approved.

(Simpson’s children are not talking publicly about the book.)

A Simpson family friend tells Newsweek that that money was not O.J.’s
only motivation for signing the deal. “He’s long past caring at this
point,” the friend says. “I think he’s saying, ‘You think I did it anyway, so let me make some money off of what you think.’ This is just one big f–k you from him.” Simpson’s friends and family say that at this point he’s got nothing to lose. He can’t sink any lower in the public eye. “There is
nothing he can do to make the Goldmans or Browns happy,” says a close
family member. “He would have to drop dead and that wouldn’t be enough.
They would find something wrong if he was saving dying kids in Africa.”

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