Offers Press Commentary on Headline Cases of the Day; Poses Q…

Offers Press Commentary on Headline Cases of the Day; Poses Questions

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Sept. 5 LAWFUEL – Legal News Network – Well known and highly-acclaimed criminal defense attorney, Darren Kavinoky, who represents many high profile individuals, announced today that he will produce and
distribute The Kavinoky Report, a free daily missive for media only, a
brief communique that provides critical information on the legal details of
the criminal cases of the day.

“I’m often asked to comment on the particulars of many of the criminal cases that garner headlines and to help the media sort out some of the more technical legal aspects of the crimes that are alleged to have been
committed,” Darren Kavinoky explains. “I came to realize it would be even
more helpful if I could provide the press daily input — information that
could assist them in keeping ahead of the legal curve by clarifying many of the legal issues posed and forewarning them on the developments that might occur.”

Kavinoky thought it would also be beneficial to provide a heads-up to the press as to what legal situations might transpire as such cases
evolve. To that end, Kavinoky says that his daily media alert will also
offer probing questions, ones that he believes the media should be asking
as they go about following and developing their stories. “Very often the
press will glom on to the immediate story peg on a criminal case, but they won’t necessarily anticipate what may follow,” he says.

Kavinoky, who has appeared on “Larry King Live,” the “Today Show” and
many other programs, has been asked to comment on many criminal cases
during his 13-year legal career. Most recently, Kavinoky was sought out as an expert source on the JonBenet Ramsey murder case by media in both Denver and Boulder, Colorado, and also from around the country and Canada by other news affiliates including Associated Press. Kavinoky also appeared on both the “Insider” and “Entertainment Tonight,” and was quoted in the Los
Angeles Times on the Mel Gibson drunk driving case.

The Kavinoky Report is released Monday through Friday, and also on
weekends when breaking stories occur. To be considered as a recipient on
the alert’s daily email blast, visit:

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