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One Colorado Lawyer / Politician Who “Doesn’t Get” the Marjijuana Law Change

Martha Ezzard has been a lawyer, journalist and politician.  Now she’s a wine maker, among other things.  As former aide to Gov. John Love she also ran for the US Senate and in an interview with the Colorado Stateman, Ms Ezzard expressed her vehement disbelief in the legalization of marijuana in her home state.

She commented, “I cannot believe that. I don’t understand how that ever got through, I don’t get it, I don’t get it. We get all kinds of national news about that…


Ezzard has enjoyed a varied career, combining her background in journalism, the law and politics. She served as a press aide to former Gov. John Love, practiced law at a major firm, ran for the U.S. Senate, penned a column for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, and is now a pioneer in the world of fine wine from the terroir of a Southern family farm in rural Georgia.

Along with her physician husband John, the couple resides in Tiger Mountain, Georgia where they own a farm winery bearing the same name. Ezzard recently wrote a book called The Second Bud which chronicles her experiences trying to save their fifth-generation family farm

I cannot believe that. I don’t understand how that ever got through, I don’t get it, I don’t get it. We get all kinds of national news about that…

I was flabbergasted, I don’t think of Colorado as that kind of state. And I don’t particularly like it. I don’t have young children growing up here now but it seems to me it just sends a message that it’s okay. And of course my husband, being in the medical profession thinks you can pickle your brain that way. I’m not a scientist so I don’t know, but if you start with marijuana it can lead you to other drugs and it seems that that is kind of a green light to people who are more addiction prone.

I just think it’s horrible, I am shocked, really. I’m down in the Bible Belt, trust me… I mean what is funny is when John told me he was going to grow wine grapes I thought, you’re going to grow wine grapes in the land of sweet tea?

And we’ve got the Baptist Church right down the street (laughs). You know, it’s really a conservative little community and I just thought you’ve got to be crazy. I grew up in Atlanta, and my mother grew up in south Georgia near Jimmy Carter’s home, a little town. I don’t think my parents ever had a drop to drink. My father might have drunk beer now and then but they would go to the office Christmas party and my father would be angry if mother didn’t take a little glass of wine because that was kind of what you should do. And she would go pour it in the flowerpot when nobody was looking (laughs), she never drank it. So I come from the southern Baptist family.

Read the interview on the Colorado Statesman

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