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For not so very large business concerns, the use of online fax services proves to be a much more viable option compared to the traditional facsimile. It would not be wrong to call this service an internet fax or an email fax since it makes use of the internet.

The process of using this service is very simple. You just have to register yourself with a service provider after which you will be assigned a number. Through this service, all faxes sent to you will be automatically converted into email attachments which will come directly to your inbox. As a sender, you also get the facility to send a document as an email attachment which will be received as a typical fax document on a fax machine.

The scope of this service has been understood to be immense and hence a large number of players have entered the market. Like telecommunications service providers, online fax service providers are coming up with their own schemes. Each one has its pros and cons and selecting one from among them is a not an easy task. Websites like are making the selection process easy for all customers.

On, a grid comparison has been made of some of the major players in the market. The parameters taken into consideration are fees, trial periods, discounts, upgrades, customer support etc. Besides the grid comparison, each email fax provider has been individually reviewed in detail. You are also given a few basic tips on what to look out for when selecting an internet fax service provider.

In case you have any doubts or queries about the reports, you can go through the method of review adopted by the website. Come to a conclusion only when you feel your queries have been answered satisfactorily.

The option of using an online fax service has various advantages which should be given a serious thought. With websites like, it is always a cakewalk to choose the very best one.

About ChooseWhat: is a website dedicated to providing small business concerns with practical knowledge about various categories of service providers. There are a range of service providers like those having business cards, email marketing, online fax etc that offer services to other business houses – be it small or large. Not all service providers are in the same league and not all offer similar services. In a bid to outdo each other, different plans are floated by companies with a variety of schemes.

It is here that comes to your help. With an unbiased reporting system, the website gives details of every service provider leaving the final decision in the hands of the business concern.

When collecting information about a market player, care is taken not to collect personal information, unless especially provided.

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