Oracle Baits has launched website for fishing boilies

Oracle baits has just launched a new website for its fishing boilies products. We are providing all kind of fishing products. By increasing demand of customers and provide flexibility for customer to buy from different areas we have launched ecommerce website for our fishing products. If you look on our website we are selling numerous products. we only sell products which are fully tested and meet our quality satisfaction. Oracle baits is selling hand made fishing boilies and some of other companies product.
Boilies with different ingredients like red and chilli boilies, marine halibut boilies, roasted peanut boilies. These all boilies are made with special chef and it can really attract fishes by excellent smells coming out of it. Nut flour can make attractive textures with your fishing boilies. Oracle baits is selling fish finders, viper bait boats, fishing pellets and many more.
Oracle bait is family run Bait Company in UK. We make handmade luxury baits. We generally stock products of other company which are exceptionally well and good for fishing. Our all products are fully tested . And we constantly improve new products with customer feedback. If your catch rate does not improve we give refund on your purchase ( we do not refund postage charges) . Our refund policy is only for first buy on each group of product. So, first time buyers can be assured that if they are not satisfied with fishing-boilies product they will get money back.
Visit our new website for more information or you can call us at (01724) 277 777 9am – 6pm Mon-Fri.

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