Over 1,000% Revenue Growth puts EasyDate Ltd. in Deloitte Fast 50

Edinburgh, UK, Oct 27, 2009 With an impressive 1062% Growth in Revenues from 2004 to 2008, EasyDate Ltd. has become one of the market leaders in its sector within the United Kingdom. The company attributes its success to its ability to adapt to the needs of consumers in an ever changing environment.

‘Whilst others have continued to offer the same service as they did in 2002, EasyDate Ltd. has expanded its portfolio of dating sites to offer services more in line with people`s current lifestyles and needs. The increase in popularity of social networking has also been taken into account and we have adjusted our online dating services accordingly, so that they fit in with consumer behaviour` said Sean Wood, Online Marketing Manager.

Mobile dating and flirting services are now playing a more significant role in the growth of the company as the usability of mobile devices improves through the proliferation of iPhones and similar technologies.

The success of EasyDate Ltd. is a true example of how a company should adjust according to market conditions, change in social behaviour and market trends. With increased use of social networking sites, divorce rates on the rise and drop in marriage rates, coupled with the economic downturn, EasyDate Ltd. are now able to offer online dating services and offline singles events that take these factors into account.

In addition to their success in the UK, the company has also rolled out its flagship brands to other countries, with a launch in the USA of its dating site, BeNaughty®, which is now also being offered in Australia, Canada, Ireland and South Africa, with country-specific versions of the BeNaughty® website made available to audiences in these countries.

Hitwise data for September 2009 shows two EasyDate sites in the Top 10 within the UK dating industry, with DatetheUK.com at number 6 and BeNaughty.com at number 10, whilst also listing BeNaughty® as the 14th largest dating site in Australia. As the overall market for online dating continues to grow steadily, EasyDate will continue to add more niche dating sites to their portfolio.

Chief Executive Officer at www.easydate.biz, Max Polyakov, commented on the Award: ‘We are meeting our company objectives in relation to our growth strategy and I am pleased to see this is being recognised by Deloitte LLP. There is a lot more to come from this company so watch this space. I think it is fair to say that EasyDate Ltd. is well on its way to becoming one of the largest dating companies worldwide, through a winning combination of effective marketing strategies and acquisitions`.

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