OvernightEssay.com Will Review Writing For Clarity: Gunning Fog Index to Be Applied

Academic writing is often accused of deliberate obfuscation. At OvernightEssay.com, however, we find that this problem is more often an accident, a bad habit, or a result of inadequate writing skills. To help eliminate confusing writing, we are going to be adding a clarity index to our panel of quality reviews on every order. This software uses a variation on the Gunning Fog Index, which documents the clarity of the writing. Our writers will use this feedback to guide them in improving their work for our customers.

The Gunning Fog Index, named for Robert Gunning, a textbook publisher, is a 1950’s algorithm that counts up multi-syllabic words, and combines that with sentence length. This generates a score that represents the level of education a reader would need to read the text. OvernightEssay.com has created a proprietary tool that successfully adapts it the to the computer. It is a bit cumbersome to describe, but, we expect that indecipherable texts will be a matter of the past! One of our writers told us that he was looking forward to this additional level of detail and support. “Sometimes it’s tough to write oneself out of a corner, and this new tool will help!”

OvernightEssay.com has been innovating in technology since our inception. There is lots of news about the company at our website, http://overnightessay.com. You can also review our range of services.

About Us:

At OvernightEssay.com, we continue to develop our writing staff and provide them with the newest in technology. This translates into responsiveness and breadth of service for our customers. Now, our new objective measure of clarity that will augment the quality of our writing and editing and aid our clients.

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