Paris Hilton, the jailed socialite serving time in an LA jail, has bee…

Paris Hilton, the jailed socialite serving time in an LA jail, has been visited by her psychiatrist and, according to one report, has been sobbing in her cell.

Hilton entered Los Angeles’ Century Regional Detention Center on Sunday night, after violating her probation following a 2006 drunk-driving arrest, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Dr. Charles Sophy, who has been treating Hilton for eight months, paid a two-hour visit to the jail on Tuesday with the star’s lawyer Richard Hutton.

Last month, during a $10 million civil case brought against Hilton by diamond heiress Zeta Braff, Sophy told the presiding judge the heiress was “not capable of any meaningful participation” in the lawsuit, so soon after she had been told she must go to jail.

The case, which was due to begin on May 21, was postponed because Hilton was deemed unfit to appear at the trial.

Graff launched her lawsuit against Hilton because of “vicious lies” the hotel heiress spread about her that ended up being printed in the New York Post newspaper. The trial was postponed until August 22.


According to, Hilton is struggling after a little over two days in jail, sobbing to family members over the phone and complaining she isn’t sleeping or eating.

Sources tell the site she has no appetite and is struggling to sleep in her noisy and “freezing cell,” with just three small blankets and no pillow.

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