In Paris? Check In At the Saint-Paul L’Hotel Vite!

John Bowie, LawFuel publisher – If you’re going to stay in the City of LoveDr, then you clearly need the best place to enjoy the dreams, exacte?

Paris has managed to maintain it’s allure despite the onset of everything from the GFC, the euro crisis to Charlie Hebdo.  It takes more than mere fiscal or fanatic cries to dim the lights in a city like this. Call it the city of romance, the city of dreams – Paris has been called pretty well everything. 

In …. Hemingway described it as ” …. ” and … once described its ancient boulevardes as being akin to working in the south side of New York. Cities have sexes: London is a man, Paris a woman, and New York a well-adjusted transsexual. –Angela Carter

They’re only words, of course, and that’s what you get from authors.  Tourists, romantics and sojourners however want the best of this place and that’s – most would agree – in the St Germaine district. 

And the hotel we stayed at – the Hotel St Paul  – is a delight that cuddles you in her boutique charm, only a French word can describe thesse places, so let’s use some more for this delight:   ……..

A city like Paris demands a certain respect, but at the same time that you delight her with visits to her parks and palaces, her boutiques and boulevards.  And yet, at the same time, you want to work this lady from a place that provides appropriate solace. 

Hotel St Paul does that. It’s a .. th century charmer of just .. storeys, providing comfortable, well furnished rooms on the Rue …. The location couldn’t be better.  Turn right – St Germaine.  Turn left – Luxembourg Gardens.  Go behind – Go up front –

The basement dining room provides a tasty and more than adequate start to the day and the staff, headed by Valerie, are superbe.

I had trouble with Eurocar after renting a Citroen in ….. which decided to have its horn malfunction. That’s tricky when you need to drive like a European and let others know that to avoid immediate collision they should retain their lane. But no attempt to remedy the situation worked, as did any attempt to locate the Eurocar managers at the …. Airport.

It’s a franchise, we were told, which seemed to mean we were dealing with alien lifeforms who would not respond to such basics as answering the telephone. Needless to say they would not speak French but some other tongue and, after swapping the Citroen for a horn-friendly Golf in Toulouse, it was not until reaching the welcoming foyer of the St Paul that we received assistance from the hotel’s professionals.

They called for us, they made inquiries and they relieved the pain of having to reach the aliens of .

Even they could not help. It was as if …. was itself alien. But the assistance was one of those “friendly staff” commendations that appear meaningless until they mean something.

This is a hotel therefore that will forever be in my heart and I would commend it to anyone other than Eurocar. It oozes charm and comfort while sitting proudly in a position so strategic from the Paris tourists’ viewpoint that even AirBnB fail to resonate.

The St Paul friendly and helpful staff can’t do enough to ensure your Paris romance is one that will continue.

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