Pelosi Says Next Attorney General Must Restore Confidence Eroded By Bush Administration

WASHINGTON, Sept. 17 LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire — Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on President Bush’s nomination of retired federal Judge Michael B. Mukasey for U.S. Attorney General:

“The President today nominated a former federal judge with a
distinguished career to be the next attorney general.

“An Attorney General must be independent from political influence and
have deep respect for the Constitution of the United States. The next
Attorney General must restore the public trust that has been seriously
eroded by the subversion of federal law enforcement for partisan purposes
and by the Bush Administration’s persistent disregard of constitutional

“Confirmation hearings will provide an opportunity for the nominee to
answer tough questions on checks and balances and the role of Congress in
its oversight and legislative responsibilities, including its ongoing
review of the U.S. attorney scandal. Confirmation hearings will also
provide vital information on Judge Mukasey’s approach to the new, flawed
FISA law and our civil liberties.”

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